Welcome to the North Park University Physics and Engineering Department

Physics and Engineering: Program Handbook for Students


Welcome to the North Park Physics Department! This online student handbook is your comprehensive guide to the major, from pre-physics "just checking it out," to declaring, to graduation, graduate school, and the working world!

Course Planning


Academic planning sheets and honors requirements

These sheets describe the course requirements for the physics major (B.A. and B.S.), and the 3-2 engineering program. Sample student schedules are also provided.

Information about courses

At North Park you have the opportunity not only to receive a strong math and science education but also the opportunity to obtain a broad liberal arts education. We highly recommend you take as many classes from other departments as you can, or to take advantage of the many opportunities to study abroad.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Coursework is only the beginning of your education. You can often learn more about physics through one term of research than through an entire year of courses. Undergraduate research affords the opportunity of exercising creativity and learning scientific judgment in a hands-on way unlike any other. We highly recommend you spend at least one term doing research, and that at the end you write a thesis regarding the work.

Graduate School and Career Planning

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